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Manufacturers of Military Webbing, MultiCam Webbing
and Camo Military Patterns

Texcel Industries is the premier manufacturer of military solid and camouflage webbing and has been for over 30 years.

  • We have been involved in almost every major military contract, including IOTV, OTV, ILBE, FILBE, PLATE CARRIER, MTV, IMTV and MOLLE COMPONENTS.

  • Texcel is the first approved supplier of AOR1 and AOR2 for use in Special Forces programs.

  • With over a billion yards of webbing in the field, Texcel has proven to be a leader in integrity, pricing, quality, and on-time delivery.

  • We have been involved with the US Government and the Natick Design Center in developing certain military specifications for webbings.

  • Texcel has formed relationships with ADS, Brookwood, Crye, Kryptek and Hyde Definition, and Texcel is also the exclusive manufacturer of webbing using the ATACS camouflage print.   

  • Texcel has also formed alliances with Kryptek, Crye, ADS and Brookwood for their proprietary camouflage patterns for the US Government’s new proposed camouflage program competition.

  • Texcel Industries is proud to be fully Berry Amendment Compliant, and always made in the USA using USA materials.

  • Texcel is also proud to work with many foreign militaries and we ship throughout the world 

Texcel is known for its manufacturing of solution-dyed webbings, which we believe to be superior in color, durability, infrared (IR) qualities, strength, and overall performance

Solution- Dyed Webbings

  • When solution-dyed yarn is not an option, Texcel is also able to manufacture high-quality, traditional piece-dyed webbing for the perfect match.

  • We have been involved in State Law Enforcement Programs, as well as FBI, Border Patrol, and overseas military programs.

  • Working with materials such as Cordura nylon, polyester, Kevlar, Nomex, Teflon, PBI, Twaron, and Spectra, Texcel is also a leader in both technical and industrial webbings and is a manufacturer of woven, knitted and camouflage elastic webbing. 

  • We are highly regarded for our design capabilities, material knowledge, and our ability to rapidly bring solutions to the market.

Proudly Made and Sourced in the USA!

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