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For over Twenty Years Texcel Industries is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of Military webbing. We offer Printed Narrow Webbing, specializing in Multicam Webbing and well as other Camoflauge military pattern webbing.

Pattern: MulitCam

Sizes: Width sizes range from .5inches to 4inches.

Material: Texcel uses Invista Cordura yarn to produce the highest quality solution dyed solid webbing.

Dye: We offer the highest quality piece dyed colored webbings when solution dyed isn’t an option.

All webbing is Berry Amendment and IR Compliant, and to made to military specifications.

Competitive pricing and impeccable customer service.


Mil Spec A-A 55301
Mil-W- 17337
Mil-W- 4088
Mil-Prf 5038 in assorted widths. MultiCam®:
• MultiCam Arid™
• MultiCam Tropic™
• MultiCam Alpine™
• MultiCam Black™

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